Wildlife Tour

Whales, sea lions, and otters, oh my!

Wildlife and Hatchery Tour

Come join us for an “only in Sitka” cruise that offers the opportunity to observe sea otters, whales, sea lions, and herring activity here in Sitka Sound. We’ll spend two hours watching willdlife, followed by a cruise out to Medvejie Hatchery where we will get a one-hour private tour. The boat departs at 8:30 am from Crescent Harbor and will return at 12:30. Light breakfast snacks and coffee are provided. Make sure and account for this extra day in your travel plans; you will not want to miss these trips! There is limited capacity on the boat so make sure to book early. This tour is specially priced at only $40.

If you’ve already registered, you can book this separately from your main conference registration as well.


Medvejie Hatchery


Whales bubble net feeding