About The Artist

Meet the artist who designed the logos and other art for the 2023 meeting.

About the Artist

Taylor Cubbage

Taylor grew up fishing and drawing inspiration from the salt marshes of southern Texas, and this fascination with aquatic ecosystems led to her bachelor’s in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University and master’s in Fisheries Science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Her budding career in fisheries has become deeply intertwined with a passion for art, growing from elaborate class notes and dissection diagrams to visual summaries of her MS research and illustrations of fish species for identification purposes. This combination of art and science has fostered skills such as a strong attention to detail and distillation of complex ideas into understandable media, whether that be a publication or a painting. Skiing along scraggly black spruce trails, tripping on riparian muskeg for berries, and fly casting into
boreal streams in search of Arctic Grayling, Taylor’s time in interior Alaska has provided no shortage of inspiration for ecological questions and artistic endeavors. She enjoys painting from the trail, carving wood fishes, and experimenting with digital art, and hopes her artwork for the Alaska Chapter of AFS annual meeting encourages meaningful collaboration to protect our aquatic resources.

See more of Taylor’s art at https://drawntofish.weebly.com/