Plenary Speakers

Meet the Plenary Speakers

The Program Committee is proud to introduce our five dynamic plenary speakers for the 2023 chapter meeting.

Dr. Jessica Black
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Indigenizing Salmon Science and Governance: Moving from Theory to Action

Plenary Date: March 28, 2023



Dr. Schery Umanzor
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Dr. Angela Bowers
University of Alaska Southeast

The Alaska Mariculture Initiative and Opportunities to Leverage Salmon Hatchery Infrastructure

Plenary Date: March 29, 2023


Dr. Katie Howard
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game

Dr. Vanessa von Biela
U.S.G.S. Alaska Science Center

Fables for Fisheries: Creative lessons for strategic approaches to crisis

Joint Plenary Date: March 30, 2023