Speaker Guide

NOTE: Speakers still need to register for the meeting
(even though you have been added to Whova via the agenda)

For all presenters (live and pre-recorded): we ask that you join the Zoom session during your scheduled presentation time so you are available to answer questions, unless you have made prior arrangements with the Program Committee.

Presentation length:
Regular talks: 12 minutes + 2 minutes for questions.
Lightning talks: 5 minutes (we’ll have a question period following a block of lightning talks)

Enhancing accessibility of your presentation:
Using Powerpoint? Here’s some tips to make your slides more accessible.
Use this tool to check any visuals for color-blind friendly palettes.
See this guide for advice on inclusive language.
If you have additional questions, please contact deic@afs-alaska.org

Live presentations:
Presenters will have screen sharing abilities through Zoom, so you will be able to share and advance your slides from your own computer. Please upload a copy of your presentation slides (PowerPoint or pdf format) to your speaker profile in Whova so that moderators can share your slides in case of glitches. You are also welcome to submit a pre-recorded talk as a back up, if you like (see below for instructions).

Pre-recorded presentations:
Video files should be MP4 format, and not exceed 250 MB file size and 1920 x 1080 screen resolution. Files must be uploaded to this Dropbox folder no later than 5p on Wednesday, February 23. Please begin your video filename with Lastname_FirstName

The AFS parent society has provided useful guidelines for how to record videos (disregard their meeting-specific info).

Regular talk videos may not exceed 14 minutes, and lighting talks are 5 minutes.

For all speakers: Zoom sessions will be recorded during the meeting, but we will not make your presentation publicly available after the meeting without your permission.

Here’s a speaker guide from Whova to help you start preparing for the virtual meeting format.

Thank you for presenting at this year’s meeting – we look forward to seeing you!


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