Student Presentations

Best Student Oral and Poster Presentation Awards

Each year the Alaska Chapter holds a Best Student Oral and Poster Presentation competition.

Student presentations will be evaluated by Chapter members present at the annual meeting. Each judge will score every paper and poster using the established oral presentation and poster rubrics. The 2023 meeting will have the following categories and monetary prizes:

Award Level Type
$     450.00 BS Oral
$     450.00 MS Oral
$     450.00 PHD Oral
$     450.00 BS Poster
$     450.00 MS Poster
$     450.00 PHD Poster
$     225.00 BS Oral (Runner up)
$     225.00 MS Oral (Runner up)
$     225.00 PHD Oral (Runner up)
$     225.00 BS Poster (Runner up)
$     225.00 MS Poster (Runner up)
$     225.00 PHD Poster (Runner up)

Only one award will be presented per individual.

The Awards Committee chair will announce the best paper award at the close of the Chapter meeting. Any questions can be directed to Awards Chair Jeff Falke (

Good luck!