Best Paper/Poster Winners

Annual Meeting Best Paper and Poster Awards


Year Winner
1970-1971 Best Paper- Robert T. Lackey, CSU
1973-1974 Best Management Paper- Albert Collotzi, U.S. Forest Service;
Best Research Paper- John Goettl, Jim Sinley and Pat Davies, CDOW
1974-1975 Best Management Paper-Max Rollefson, WGFD
Best Research Paper-Tom Wesche, Water Resources Research Institute
1975-1976 Best Management Paper-Bob McDowell, WGFD
Best Research Paper-Larry Finnell, CDOW
Best Poster-Jim LaBounty
1977-1978 Best Paper-Tom Jackson, USFWS Denver
Best Poster-Larry Harris and Leroy Fyock, CDOW
1979-1980 Best Management Paper-John Windell, University of Colorado
Best Research Paper-Richard Vincent, Montana DFG
Best Student Paper-Jack Robinson, UW
1981-1982 Best Overall Paper-Dudley Reiser, M.W. Vitter, J. Todd, CDOW
Best Student Paper-Anita Allen, CSU
Best Poster-Allen Binns, WGFD
1982-1983 Best Management/Research Paper-Greg Munther, US Forest Service, MT
Best Fish Culture Paper-Gene Rauch, CDOW
Best Poster-Tom Wesche and Walt Effert, Water Resources Research Institute
1983-1984 Best Management/Research Paper-Bruce Rosenlund, USFWS, CO
Best Fish Culture Paper-David Kelly and Greg Policky, CDOW
Best Student Paper-Jim Satterfield, CSU
Best Poster-Bob Stuber, US Forest Service, Fort Collins
Imler Photo Contest-Clee Sealing, CDOW
1984-1985 Best General Paper-Bob Stuber, US Forest Service, Fort Collins, CO
Best Fish Culture Paper-Warren Mischke, WGFD
Best Student Paper-Roger Schneidervin, UW
1986-1987 Best Mgt./Res. Paper-Del Nimmo & Loys Parrish, EPA & Pat Davies, CDOW
Best Fish Culture Paper-Peter Walker, CDOW
Best Student Paper-Mike Young, Wyoming Coop. Unit
Best Poster-Dave Stevens, Rocky Mountain National Park and Bruce Rosenlund, USFWS, CO
1987-1988 Best Research Paper-R. Barry Nehring, CDOW
Best Student Paper-Mike Young, Wyoming Coop. Unit
Best Poster-Jim LaBounty and Steve Grabowski, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver
1988-1989 Best General Paper-Kurt Fausch, CSU
Best Fish Culture Paper-Terry Robinson, CDOW
Best Student Paper-Wyoming Coop. Unit
Best Poster-Bruce Rosenlund, USFWS, CO
1989-1990 Best General Paper-Stephen Flickinger, CSU
Best Fish Culture Paper-Larry Harris, CDOW
Best Student Paper-Gregory Langer, CSU
Imler Award for Photography in Fisheries-Dave Winters, Bob Upton and Mary McAfee
1990-1991 Best General Paper-Michael Young
Best Fish Culture Paper-Todd Hanna, WGFD
Best Poster-Curt Meyer and Dirk Miller, WGFD
Best Special Session Paper-Steve Puttmann and Ken Kehmeier, CDOW
1991-1992 Best Management Paper-Leo Lentsch, Utah DWR
Best Research Paper-Dr. Kurt Fausch, CSU
Best Student Paper-C.B. Chamberlain, UW
1992-1993 Best Professional Paper-Frank Rahel, UW
Best Student Paper, Charles Gowan-CSU
1993-1994 Best Paper-Tim Patton, UW
1994-1995 Best Professional Paper-Dan Yule, WGFD
Best Student Paper-Todd Marwitz, UW
Best Poster-Allen Binns, WGFD
1995-1996 Best Professional Paper-Kevin Thompson, CDOW
Best Student Paper-Kevin Rogers, CSU
Best Undergraduate Student Paper-Ryan Smith
Dick Imler Best Poster Award-Amy Harig, Steve Johnson, SueSwift and Ted Labbe
1996-1997 Best Professional Paper-Dan Yule, WGFD
Best Student Paper-Tim Patton, UW
Best Poster-Brett M. Johnson, CSU
1997-1998 Best Professional Paper-Dan Duffield, US Forest Service, Utah
Best Student Paper (Tie)-Nathan Nibbelink (UW) and Douglas Novinger (UW) of Wyoming
Best Professional Poster-Dan Yule, WGFD
Best Student Poster-Amy Harig, CSU
1998-1999 Best Professional Paper-Allen Binns, WGFD
Best Student Paper-Douglas Novinger, UW
1999-2000 Best Professional Paper-Allen Binns, WGFD
Best Student Paper-Amy J. Schrank, UW
Best Poster-Hans B. Berge, King CO. Water and Land Resources Div., WA
2000-2001 Best Professional Paper-R. Barry Nehring, CDOW
Best Student Paper-Amy J. Shrank, UW
Best Poster-Gregory A. Anderson, WGFD
2001-2002 Best Professional Paper-R. Scott Gangl, WGFD
Best Student Paper-Amy J. Shrank, UW
Best Poster-Marci L. Koski and Brett M. Johnson, CSU
2002-2003 Best Professional Paper-Mike Quist, UW
Best Student Paper-Seth White, UW
Best Poster-Mandi Brandt, Matthew Kondratieff, and Dr. Christopher Myrick, CSU
Best Poster-Anna Miller, Patrick Goddard and Jared Zierenberg, Utah DWR
2003-2004 Best Student Paper-Shane Vatland, Utah State University
Best Student Poster-M.D. Mills, Brigham Young University
2004-2005 Best Professional Paper-Mike Quist, UW
Best Student Paper- Alan M, Vajda , University of CO
Best Poster-Mike Quist, UW
2005-2006 Best Professional Paper-Brett Johnson, CSU
Best Student Paper- W. Carl Saunders, CSU
Best Poster-Laura Thel, UW
2006-2007 Best Professional Paper-Wayne Hubert, UW
Best Student Paper- Diana Sweet, UW
2007-2008 Best Professional Paper-Christopher A. Myrick, CSU
Best Student Paper- Michelle McGree, CSU
2008-2009 Best Professional Paper-Dr. Wayne Hubert, UW
Best Student Paper-Anna Senecal, UW
Best Poster-Richard Hays, UW
2009-2010 Best Professional Paper-Dr. Wayne Hubert, UW
Best Pro. Informational Paper-Rick Henderson, BLM and Christina Barrineau, WGFD (tie)
Best Student Paper-Sarah Laske, UW
Best Poster-Zachary Underwood, CSU
2010-2011 Best Professional Paper-Jesse Lepak, CDOW
Best Professional Informational Paper-Travis Neebling, WGFD
Best Student Paper-Dan Gibson-Reinemer, UW
2011-2012 Best Student Paper-Mariah Mayfield, Montana State University
Best Student Poster-Phil Gaskill, UW
2012-2013 Best Professional Paper-Jesse Lepak, CPW
Best Professional Informational Paper-Steve Gale, WGFD
Best Student Paper-Devin Olsen, CSU
Best Poster-Estevan Vigil, CPW
2013-2014 Best Professional Paper-Kevin Bestgen, CSU
Best Professional Informational Paper-Brian Hodge, TU
Best Student Paper-Matt Haworth, CSU
Best Professional Poster-Estevan Vigil, CPW
Best Student Poster-Zachary Klein, U. of Idaho
2014-2015  Best Professional Paper- Kevin Bestgen, CSU
 Best Professional Informational Paper-Michael Quist, U. of Idaho
 Best Student Paper- Zachery Underwood, UW
Best Professional Poster- Shai Kamin, GEI Consultants, Inc.
Best Student Poster-Zachary Klein, U. of Idaho
2015-2016 Best Professional Paper- Anna Senecal, WGFD
 Best Professional Informational Paper- Kurt Fausch, CSU
 Best Student Paper- Richard Walker, UW
 Best Professional Poster- Kevin Thompson and Nick Salinas, CPW
 Best Student Poster- Kyle Christianson, CSU
2016-2017 Best Professional Paper- Brian Hodge
Best Professional Informational Paper- Jenn Logan
 Best Student Paper- Colton Finch
 Best Professional Poster- Shai Kamin
Best Student Poster- Tyler Arnold