International Conference on Fish Passage

Fish Passage 2019 will  be  held  in  Lisbon,  Portugal  in  2020. 

Hope to see you there!

Past Conferences

Fish Passage 2019 will be the ninth conference in this series.

Fish Passage 2018 – Conference Overview

The 2018 International Conference on River Connectivity (Fish Passage 2018) incorporated the First International Symposium on Hydropower and Fish Management, brought together Northern and Southern Hemisphere fish passage researchers and practitioners to exchange findings and experiences on fish passage issues.

This three-day conference included concurrent sessions in engineering, biology, management and monitoring techniques, as well as plenary talks, professional networking opportunities, and a poster session.  Independently offered short courses, workshops, and tours were available immediately before and after the conference.  We had a great conference with participants and presentation from around the globe.

Past Conferences – Archived Webpages:

Many of the presentations from these conferences can be searched and downloaded from the Joint EWRI-AFS Fish Passage Reference Database.