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    Rebecca Krogman

    The organizers of Fishackathon requested our assistance in developing challenge sets, the problems presented to participants which describe real-world problems. Below is the email from the organizer:

    We’re finally here – please find attached the current challenge sets that I’ve been developing over the past few weeks. I want to take a moment to personally thank you for your help and guidance on this front. I definitely couldn’t have put this together without you!

    A few notes:

    Feedback on the challenge sets is greatly appreciated, whether or not it is a challenge set that you put forth. Feedback is critical as I want to make sure these are as accurate and clear as they can be. Please keep in mind that they will be expanded upon before given to participants – this is merely a snapshot. Also – it is not too late to submit an entirely new challenge set, so please feel free to do so if you think it aligns well/addresses a unique problem that isn’t reflected here.

    In order to support these challenge sets, I will need to collect as many data sets as possible. If you have access to any data sets that you think might be helpful, I would appreciate access to those!

    We are in the midst of ramping up our marketing for this event. If you feel inclined, a few shout-outs on your social media channels would be tremendous! We want to get the word out there. We are still looking for organizers, volunteers, partners and sponsors. If you do Tweet about Fishackathon, please don’t forget to tag us: @fishackathon.

    I’ve gone ahead and attached the latest sponsorship deck as it has some updated information on city/participant projections as well as the new date. Of course, please feel free to send this out to anyone you think may be interested in sponsoring this event.

    Challenge set feedback is my main priority right now; I would love to start receiving feedback by the first week of October.

    See the challenge sets here.

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    Colombe’s request for data is an opportunity for FITS.

    I also had a knee-jerk (and curmudgeonly reaction) to two of the challenges:
    – Sust #3 seems ridiculous. At least the part about cleaning up heavily-impacted areas. If it was that easy…!

    – Market #2 would have been good before the invention of online fora and angler apps over a decade ago. The market is unlikely to support another one of these platforms (at least not without a massive marketing campaign). The Nature Conservancy Would do better to partner with one or more existing platforms.

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