Carl Sullivan Travel Award

The Carl R. Sullivan International Endowment Fund (IEF) provides funds for International Fisheries Members that reside outside of the USA and Canada for activities that support the IFS goals of assisting the international community with networking and conference opportunities and provide the exchange of information and technical assistance among fishery workers.

To be considered for an award, please fill out the online form: application will not be complete until you provide the required information and upload or email your CV/Resume along with an itemized budget.

Purposes: Funds may be used for international memberships; book and journal purchases; support for speakers in North America and abroad; seed money for international conferences, symposia and workshops; and to help publish scientific articles and books.  The intention is to target students, biologists, managers, and scientists during the early stages of their careers.  As funds are limited, priority will be given to eligible applicants requiring only partial support (e.g. airfare, registration, lodging, or per diem).  Full support may be considered for unique applicants.  Funding will support only activities or materials to be used by individuals or institutions that maintain a permanent residence outside of the USA and Canada.  Other uses that further the goals of IFS and AFS may be considered that are consistent with the intent of this fund.

Application: A Sullivan Fund Application online form must be completed ( or by contacting the IFS through email  A CV or resume and an itemized budget must be provided. Additional supporting documents may be included, such as a cover letter, additional budget information, or additional information about the funding request (conference website, workshop itinerary, informational flier, etc).

Award Committee: Applications will be considered by the Endowment Fund Committee (EFC) Chair and to committee members for their review, ranking, and decision.  The EFC shall document its deliberations and recommendations in the Chair’s report to the IFS Executive Committee. Any committee member must recuse himself from voting or deliberating on any funding proposal to which the committee member is the recipient or has had any significant involvement in its preparation or other apparent conflicts of interest.

Selection Criteria: Proposals may be reviewed by other scientists in appropriate fields solicited by the EFC.  Recipients of awards will be selected on a competitive basis.  Decisions will be made primarily on meeting the program’s criteria, need, justification, research promise, scientific method, and academic and professional achievement.  Submission of an application acknowledges the applicant’s acceptance that the decision of the EFC is final.  In any given year, the EFC may choose not to award any grants from the Fund.

Awarded Funds: An award may be made directly to the recipient either a) in advance of, b) after expenses have been incurred, or c) to the recipients affiliated institution in repayment for funds already expended in anticipation of the award.  In all cases, the award recipients shall provide receipts to the IFS Treasurer that document the expenditure of the award funds.

Deadlines: To be considered for funds, please complete the online application form by 31 May.  If funds are still available, applications may be considered after this date.

Notification: Each recipient of a Sullivan Award will receive an official letter or email notifying him or her of the award by 30 June.  Other awards will be announced within two weeks following the decision of the EFC.  Awards will be announced by the IFS Section President.

Fund Management: The Fund will be managed by the Society via an approved Fund agreement between the Section and the Society Executive Director.  The Fund balance is expected to be managed so that it will increase over time with the stock and bond market and shall not be defunded below USD $250K at any time unless approved unanimously by all Section officers.

Annual Disbursement Amount: Yearly decisions on the total amount of the annual Fund disbursement and investment strategy shall be made by the IFS Executive Committee in January.  There is no predetermined target for annual distribution.  Up to the entire pool of interest and dividends generated annually may be used for awards.  Awards may be several small amounts or one large amount depending on requests and available funds.