WWSC to sponsor Fishery Conservation symposium at 2018 SDAFS meeting in Puerto Rico

The WWSC will be sponsoring and organizing a symposium with Warmwater Stream Fishery Conservation as the theme. Aquatic conservation and research is key to the preservation of aquatic biodiversity. The southeastern U.S. is a biodiversity hot-spot for all aquatic organisms. With ever-changing environments, it is up to us as fisheries professionals to provide managers with the appropriate science-based knowledge to protect aquatic fauna in our respective ecosystems. Communication of aquatic conservation research is important to ensure the sharing of innovative ideas regarding status assessments of imperiled aquatic species and implementation of conservation management plans. We propose a symposium on aquatic conservation that will provide fisheries professionals and students an opportunity to share their fishery conservation research with one another. This symposium will benefit scientists, government and non-government organizations, and students of aquatic ecology, conservation, and fisheries science. Presentations covering a wide array of imperiled aquatic taxa are welcome.

Oganizers: Kyler Hecke (PhD student) and Brian Alford (Asst. Professor of Fishery Conservation & Management) from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville


contact info to submit a talk or poster: khecke@vols.utk.edu


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