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  1. Dena Jones Dena Jones

    I have a 13-year old daughter who is interested in joining a fishing group. I’m having trouble finding any in Austin, TX.
    Do you know who I could contact about youth fishing?

    • shaas shaas

      Hi Dena,

      Great to hear that your daughter is interested in joining a fishing group! It can indeed be difficult to find fishing groups that accommodate youth anglers. Fortunately I can refer you to a few places that may prove promising:

      1) Texas Women Fly Fishers:
      This is a virtual club that communicates across the state via email. However, there are several members in the Austin area that get together to share experiences that might help your daughter develop her skills. They also have a number of club gatherings around the state that will allow them to meet for fun outings.

      I also highly recommend you check out having her sign up for some great fishing youth camps available certain times of the year. Here are a couple to check out:
      2) Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited Youth Camp:
      3) Texas Brigades Camp & Programs:

      I hope this information helps!

      Sarah Haas
      Texas Parks & Wildlife – Inland Fisheries Division

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