Ellard, Johnathan” Comments

  1. Clint Robertson Clint Robertson

    Great poster! Which oxbows were you sampling (or placing SURs in)?

    • Johnathan Ellard Johnathan Ellard

      Hello Clint,

      Thank you for taking time looking into this research as well as future research. The specific oxbow mentioned in the poster is Big Bend Oxbow off of the Brazos River. We had reason to believe that one of our tagged Alligator Gar may have entered the oxbow during a high water event and had possibly gotten trapped when the main channel receded to normal flow. We had manually tracked the oxbow but unfortunately did not find this specific Alligator Gar in it. One of the receivers encompassing the oxbow, upstream and downstream on the Brazos River, could have possibly missed this fishes tag when passing during this high water event.

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