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  1. Timothy Bonner Timothy Bonner

    Very beneficial study when thinking about balancing fishing opportunities with native fishes. In addition to direct predation, did you also consider diet overlap between Brown Trout and the native fishes, especially G. pandora, to think about the potential for competition?

    • Jansen Ivie Jansen Ivie

      Hi Dr. Bonner, I replied to your question, but it posted as a separate comment instead of a reply. I just wanted to ensure that you would see my response.

      • Timothy Bonner Timothy Bonner

        Cool! Makes sense to split into two separate projects. I’ll keep an eye out for theses/publications coming from this work!

  2. Jansen Ivie Jansen Ivie

    Hi Dr. Bonner, thank you for the question. My project only focused on how piscivory affected native fish species. My co-author, Owen George, is conducting a more in depth study to determine how Brown trout alter the aquatic food webs of the Jemez River tributaries we looked at in my study. From the data he has collected so far, it appears that there is evidence of competition between Brown trout and native fishes.

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