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  1. Timothy Bonner Timothy Bonner

    Thinking out loud and not really sure of my question, the influential variables make sense if we think about a natural range extension of these species or where we have stream reaches with both species introduced but not successful. But here, this study is quantifying where the species are currently found (via introduction), so what is the value of this in terms of mitigating their population numbers or predicting where else they can become established, given the source (bait bucket release) drives their occurrence?

  2. Josh Perkin Josh Perkin

    Thanks for your question, Tim. I think you’ve already answered it. The model is built on occurrences that represent the conditions that are appropriate for persistence. There are at least two benefits to knowing this information. First, projecting these conditions across the entire riverscape reveals areas where conditions are appropriate for persistence, and this can be helpful for targeting future surveys. The fish can spread through at least two mechanisms: (1) bait bucket release as you pointed out, and (2) colonization along the river corridor (e.g., as with Sheepshead Minnow in the Pecos River). The current models address the latter method of invasion and helps with determining what the ultimate extent of invasion might be. The second benefit is we gain some insight into the mechanisms associated with occurrence/invasion. These are things like base flow index and land use or land cover. Uncovering these correlates provides critical guidance on future hypothesis development and testing. It also means we can project invasions as flows and landscapes are changed in the future. Failed bait bucket introductions are of little consequence given populations do not establish, we need to focus on defining and controlling established populations and that’s our focus here.

  3. Carmen Montana Carmen Montana

    Thanks Josh and Tim!
    As Josh pointed, the model gives us inputs that are beneficial for predicting future invasions. We plan in using the current environmental data that we are collecting in the Brazos and Red River to validate this model.

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