2010 Angler-Biologist Meeting

Common Interests, Shared Purpose

On August 7th-8th, 2010, a workshop was held for anglers interested in learning more about fisheries management in Texas.  Saturday was comprised of several presentations by biologists across the state, as well as community leaders, and focused on angler-biologist collaboration, fish-care procedures, and several other issues that concern all who love Texas’ vast fisheries.

Sunday morning included an angler-biologist fishing tournament that featured demonstrations of how to handle and release tournament-caught fish in order to assure maximum survival.   Below are several podcasts from Saturday’s presentations.

Welcome – Common Interests, Shared Purpose
(Craig Bonds, TPWD)

Past/Present Examples of Angler-Biologist Collaboration

Lake Holbrook Habitat Enhancement Project
(Aaron Jubar, TPWD and Phil Payne, Lake Holbrook Association )

Fish Attractor Projects in Central Texas Reservoirs
(Steve Magnelia, TPWD)

Lake LBJ Native Aquatic Plant Enhancement Project
(Steve Magnelia, TPWD)

Lake Quitman Water-hyacinth Removal Project
(Kevin Storey, TPWD and John Shinn, Grand Saline Bass Club)

Partnering with Bow Anglers to Reduce Grass Carp Numbers in a Public Lake
(Dan Bennett, TPWD and Tony Reeves, Texas Bowfishing Association)

Seven Coves Bass Club Lake Conroe Native Aquatic Plant Enhancement Project
(Mark Webb, TPWD and Ron Gunter, Seven Coves Bass Club)

Sam Rayburn Giant Salvinia Round-up
(Howard Elder, TPWD and Jimmie Lee Jr., Texas B.A.S.S. Federation)

Future Opportunities for Collaboration

National Fish Habitat Action Plan and Fish Habitat Partnerships
(Dave Terre, TPWD)

The Native Aquatic Plant Nursery at TFFC
(Richard Ott, TPWD and Marshall Treadwell, East Texas Woods and  Waters Foundation member)

San Jacinto Watershed Opportunities (includes lakes Houston, Conroe, Raven, and Sheldon)
(Mark Webb, TPWD)

ShareLunker Program: Handling Big Bass, Selective Breeding, Research Studies, and Interesting Facts
(Allen Forshage, TPWD)

Largemouth Bass Swim Bladder Deflation (i.e., Fizzing) Study: Techniques and Strategies
(Bobby Farquhar, TPWD)

Use and Importance of Tournament Angler-Supplied Data in Texas
(John Dennis, TPWD)

Economic and Biologic Impacts of Bass Tournaments: Case Studies in Texas
(Todd Driscoll, TPWD)

Keeping Bass Alive: from Hookset to Live-Release
(Gene Gilliland, Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation)