Jenkins Scholarship Application

This highly competitive scholarship awards selected candidates $500 – $1,000 annually depending upon sponsorship funding and number of applicants. The scholarship may also include a travel award to assist the recipient(s) with travel to a Southern Division AFS meeting. The recipient(s) of the Robert M. Jenkins Memorial Reservoir Research Scholarship receive a check and will be recognized at the Spring SDAFS business meeting. The awards will be made directly to the student and not the student’s educational institution. It can be used for any aspect of graduate education including, but not limited to, tuition, textbooks, equipment, travel or living expenses. It is not intended to replace any funding obligated to the student.

Selection criteria are based on research, education, professional and civic activities, among other things. Research and education activities can be associated with any aspect of reservoir ecosystem management. Professional activities in fishery-related student organizations, AFS Chapters, and similar organizations are desirable. Applicable public services include any voluntary activities but those pertaining to conservation and fishing are most desirable. A committee of RC members will review applications and present recommendations to the RC Chair for approval. All application materials must be received by December 1st each year, unless specified otherwise.

Scholarship Application Process:

  1. Application materials must be received by close of business December 1. This includes the Application Form and associated documents and letter of recommendation. Application materials should be submitted via email to Please contact Jeremy to make other arrangements for application material delivery, if necessary. The RC scholarship committee chair will distribute the application packets to the review committee.
  2. Fill out the Application Form.
  3. Provide a copy of your research proposal which indicates relevance to reservoir fisheries science in the southeastern United States.
  4. Provide a letter of introduction and recommendation from the applicant’s major professor or faculty advisor. This letter should state how long and in what capacity they have known the applicant. In addition, the letter should address the applicant’s promise as a future fisheries scientist. It should be submitted via email to the scholarship committee chair (see info above).
  5. After the deadline has passed, the review committee will rank the compiled information for the applicants and present their selection to the RC Chair for approval. Scholarship recipients will be notified upon RC Chair approval and are encouraged to attend the Spring SDAFS meeting to present their research and be recognized.


Application Deadline: December 1 annually.

Jenkins Scholarship Application (Word)

Jenkins Scholarship Application Form (pdf)