TNAFS Facebook Group

We’re excited to announce our new TNAFS Facebook Group!
We are transitioning from our current Facebook page where only admins can post to a group page where all members of the group can participate. In this group all members can make posts regarding organization updates, job postings, neat photos, asking questions, fundraising and events, or anything else that may be interesting or relevant to the rest of the TNAFS membership.
We are hoping that this group will foster a more informative community by encouraging TNAFS members to interact with each other more often and by staying up-to-date with the projects that are going on around the state.
The group is public, meaning anyone can see posts or request to join. Hopefully this will allow folks to see what TNAFS is about and encourage them to become members if they are not yet.
Please feel free to invite your colleagues and students to this page if you see they are not yet a part of it.
To join our TNAFS Facebook group, please click here:
Please also review the Group Rules before joining:
The old Facebook page will become inactive on September 30th 2022.

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