Catfish 2020 – The Third International Catfish Symposium

February 18-20, 2020 Little Rock Marriott, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Catfish 2020 was a huge success with about 200 participants! The meeting was held February 18-20, 2020 at the Little Rock Marriott in downtown. The theme for the third symposium was “Communicating Catfish Science” and brought together the last decade’s work on the conservation, ecology and management of worldwide catfish populations and their habitats. Catfish 2020 provided a forum for the exchange of information about the biology, ecology, management and conservation of worldwide populations of both game and non-game catfish species. The proceedings from this symposium were published with free open access in a special issue of North American Journal of Fisheries Management in October 2021.  Previous publications from the first and second symposia continue to sell and have been solid reference sources for managers and researchers alike.  Catfish 2020 was a collaborative effort between the North Central Division & Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society.

To view talks from the Catfish 2020 meeting, please visit our YouTube channel. Talks are organized into separate playlists by room and date to hopefully make it easier to find a talk you might see in the program that you want to watch (see pdf of the program below to see when talks were given).

Proceedings of Catfish 2020: The 3rd International Catfish Symposium. The symposium proceedings were published as an open access, special issue of the North American Journal of Fisheries Management (click here to access proceedings). For questions on the proceedings, please contact co-editors Mark Porath ( and Tom Kwak (

Program Catfish 2020: The 3rd International Catfish Symposium
Click the link below to download the Program for Catfish 2020. Abstracts for the presentation can be found here.


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