Jimmie Pigg Memorial Scholarship

Each year at the Spring business meeting of the Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society (SDAFS), the Warmwater Streams Committee (WWSC) awards two graduate students the Jimmie Pigg Memorial Scholarship. To improve equity, the Committee will award $250 to each of a Master’s degree and Ph.D. student. The award was named posthumously for Jimmie Pigg who was a long-time fisheries biologist with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.  Jimmie was well known for providing students money out of his own pocket so that they could travel to American Fisheries Society meetings to present their research findings. Because of his ardent support for student travel and his commitment to their development as fisheries scientists, the award named for him is one of the most prized and meaningful awards in the fisheries field. Judges are selected by the Chair and are members of the WWSC.  Each winner receives a plaque, $250, and a one-year student membership to the American Fisheries Society. Applications for the Jimmie Pigg Award are due by December 9, 2022, and the winner is announced at the Spring business meeting of SDAFS. To access the application, click the following link:

Jimmie Pigg Memorial Award Application (pdf)

Jimmie Pigg Memorial Award Application (docx)


Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2023 Jimmie Pigg Award

Garrett Tucker (Masters) at the University of Texas San Antonio for his work assessing chronic thermal sensitivity and exposure of spring-associated fishes.

Hayden Roberts (PhD) at Texas A&M University for his work investigating the distribution, morphology, genetics, and population status of catostomid fishes within the genus Carpiodes inhabiting the Colorado River basin of Texas.



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