Sometimes we think of history as the boring subject we had to take in school.  We had to remember all of those dates and names of people who we have never met.  But history is more than that.

History is alive!  What is happening today is tomorrow’s history.  We need to capture today so that those who come after us will see our footsteps.

If you look at history from this perspective, whose footsteps are we following?  Who will follow ours?

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Texas Chapter American Fisheries Society History & Chronology
by Ray Matthews, Jr.

Somewhere in my remarks at the annual meeting in February, I made mention that TCAFS was older than many of its members.  November 5, 2015, will mark the 40th anniversary of the first meeting of a group which eventually became the Texas Chapter American Fisheries Society.  At that first meeting “over 100 fisheries professionals and students met at Texas A & M University in College Station.  That meeting produced 82 original members and a charter that was approved by the parent society on March 22, 1976.  Dues were set at $3.00 per year with a special rate of $2.00 for students.  The goals of the Chapter were those set forth in Article I of the AFS Constitution and to encourage the exchange of information by fisheries workers residing in Texas.”  I hope that some of our younger members are around in another 40 years!

– Kevin Storey (Newsletter, Vol 41(1), February 2015, p. 2)

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