Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday

Sometimes we think of history as the boring subject we had to take in school.  We had to remember all of those dates and names of people who we have never met.  But history is more than that.  History is alive!  What is happening today is tomorrow’s history.  We need to capture today so that those who come after us will see our footsteps. If you look at history from this perspective, whose footsteps are we following?  Who will follow ours?

In the beginning . . .

November 1975, the formation of the Texas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society on the Texas A & M College Station Campus.   First Row (L-R):  Shari Rische, Wade Butler, Allen Forshage, Charles Mulford, Ken Sellers, Ed Lyles, Steve Smith, and Roy Bamburg. Second Row: Dwane Smith, Paul Crandall, Bob Zerr, Nick Carter, Jimmy Dean, Buck Henderson, Leo Lewis, Lou Guerra, and Joe Toole. Third Row: Bill Rutledge, Charlie Menn, Ronnie Stapleton, Bill Brown (USFWS), Charles Leigon, Charlie Inman, and Mike Ryan.  Fourth Row: Paul Seidensticker, David Pritchard, Billy Follis, Barry Lyons, Roger McCabe, Dr. John Garcia, (Texas Tech. University), Dick Luebke, Gary Mooney, Alan Wenger, Rhandy Helton, and James Lasswell. Fifth Row:  Ernest Marsh, Joe Kraai, Bill Bailey, John Prentice, Clell Guest, Jeff Morris, Rick

Charter Members

Texas Chapter American Fisheries Society History & Chronology (1976-2001)
by Ray Matthews, Jr.

TCAFS Past Presidents, Award and Scholarship Winners

Posters prepared for the AFS 150th Anniversary


TCAFS-Poster 1976-2013
TCAFS-Poster 2014-2021

If you have any photographs or comments you would like to share, please e-mail:

Michele Nations
TCAFS History Committee Chair

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