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This is the first year that the Texas Chapter AFS annual meeting presentations have been podcast. While every effort was made to insure quality video and audio, we learned a great deal during this event about how to improve the sound quality with future meetings.

Welcome (no video)
(Craig Bonds, TCAFS President-Elect)

Fish Habitat: Contemporary Approaches for Assessment, Conservation, Enhancement, and Restoration

Aquatic Plants for Fish Habitat: a National Perspective
(Michael Smart, US Army Corps of Engineers – Lewisville Aquatic Ecosystem Research Facility)

Low-cost Sonar Habitat Mapping: a New Tool for Research and Management of Fish Habitat Across Aquatic Landscapes
(Adam Kaeser and Thom Litts, Georgia Department of Natural Resources)

The Big Picture for Fish Habitat Conservation: Moving the Needle in Texas Through Collaboration at Regional and National Scales
(Tim Birdsong, TPWD – Inland Fisheries Division)

A Classification and Threat Condition Assessment of the Rivers and Streams of Texas
(Ryan Smith, The Nature Conservancy)

Estuarine Habitat Restoration Efforts on the Texas Coast: Leveraging Resources to Maximize Restoration opportunities on our Multi-use Estuaries
(Jamie Schubert, TPWD – Coastal Fisheries Division)

The Fishes of Texas Project – Status of Compilation and Standardization of Museum-vouchered Fish Collection Data, Online Database, and Related Research
(Hendrickson, D. A.*, A. E. Cohen, B. Labay, F. D. Martin, S. Sarkar, B. Sissel, M. Ciarleglio, J. Harrison, M. Casares, G. P. Garrett, and R. J. Edwards)

Assessing the Decline of Barton Creek Fish Community Using Classical Surveys, Historic Data, and Species Distribution Modeling
(Labay, B. J.*, A. E. Cohen, F. D. Martin, D. A. Hendrickson, B. Sissel, and S. Sarkar)

Combining Historical Data on the Fishes of Texas with Modeling to Evaluate Changes in Ranges of Fish Species in Texas Coastal Prairie Streams
(F. D. Martin*, A. E. Cohen, B. Labay, and D. A. Hendrickson)

Large-scale Movements of Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus)Among South Texas Coastal Waters Using Acoustic Telemetry
(Bivins, L. M.*, G. W. Stunz, and M. Robillard)

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