2014 Meeting Podcasts

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Zebra Mussels in Texas
(Brian VanZee, Texas Parks & Wildlife)

TPWD Hatchery Aquatic Nuisance Species Protocols
(Jim Matthews, Texas Parks & Wildlife)

Water Resources in Oklahoma and Texas: Seeing Red
(Barney Austin, Director of Hydrologic Services, INTERA)

Surveys of Recreational Bow Anglers in Texas
(Dan L. Bennett, Texas Parks & Wildlife)

Effects of Water-level Reduction and Sedimentation on Crayfish in the Ouachita Mountain Ecoregion
(Joseph J. Dyer, Oklahoma State University)

Do River-reservoir Interface Habitats Serve as Surrogate Nursery Habitats for Floodplain-dependent Riverine Fishes?
(Matthew R. Acre, Texas Tech University)

Snag Angler Use and Paddlefish Harvest in Northeast Oklahoma
(Jason D. Schooley, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation)

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