2015 Podcasts – Friday

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Adaptive fisheries management in the face of extreme drought
Lang, T.*, R. Mauk, W. Dutter, and S. Hise


Impacts of climate change on the water quality of Big Cypress Creek and Lake O’ the Pines
Rushin, R.*


Drought driven re-establishment of Guadalupe Bass Micropterus treculii in the Blanco River, Texas
Magnelia, S., G. Linam*, D. Lutz-Carrillo, K. Saunders, R. Ranft, and K. Kolodziejcyk


Movement of federally endangered Fountain Darters Etheostoma fonticola during low spring flows
Littrell, B.*, J. T. Jackson, E. L. Oborny, and K. G. Ostrand


Using a niche model to hindcast and forecast golden alga blooms: when did golden alga first arrive in the Brazos River and which lake will be affected next?
VanLandeghem, M.*, and R. Patiño


The effect of electroshocking on unionid mussel larval release
Symonds, D.*, L. R. Williams, and N. B. Ford


Changes in angler behavior in Aransas Bay
Bartram, B.*


Contribution, size and diet of stocked Largemouth Bass in three aquatic vegetation types in Toledo Bend Reservoir
Ashe, D. E.*, M. T. Driscoll, and J. W. Schlechte


Flow-dependent competition between endangered Gambusi nobilis and the invasive Gambusia geiseri
Delaune, K. D.*, and C. W. Hargrave


Mapping the tempo-spatial distribution of batoids to improve conservation in a subtropical estuary
Possatto, F. E.*, K. O. Winemiller, H. L. Spach, M. R. Lamour, K. M. Santos, M. K. Broadhurst, and R. B. Millar


Evaluation of Water Willow (Justicia americana) use by reservoir fishes
O’Hanlon, R.*, C. Mynatt, M. Webb, and F. Gelwick


Ecological effects of Water Willow (Justica americana) on aquatic invertebrate species
Mynatt, C.*, R. O’Hanlon, M. Webb, and F. Gelwick

Use of side-scan sonar to identify and count Alligator Gar:  potential for evaluating population density from sonar imagery
Fleming, B. P., D. J. Daugherty*, and N. G. Smith


Development of Fathead Minnow as a model organism for the study of immune function characterization of molecular responses to pathogen infection
Thornton, L. M.*, M. C. LeSeur, A. T. Yost, D. A. Stephens, J. T. Oris, and M. K. Sellin Jeffries


TPWD’s cross divisional efforts in the Llano River watershed to benefit aquatic resources
Bean, M.*, T. Birdsong, M. Parker, M. Shelley, and A. Kalmbach


Effect of interannual hydrological variation on fish assemblage composition in the central Amazon
Röpke, C.*, S. Amadio, and K. O. Winemiller


Determining viable host-fish species for Fusconia askewi, Potamilus amphichaenus and Pleurobema riddelli in east Texas
Bertram, E.*, J. S. Placyk, Jr., and L. R. Williams 


Can river-reservoir interfaces serve as surrogate nurseries for riverine fishes?
Acre, M. R.*, T. B. Grabowski, and N. G. Smith


Spatial and temporal distribution of catfish game species at the river-reservoir ecosystem scale
Grubh, A.*, B. P Fleming, M. Homer, and S. Robertson