2018 Meeting Podcasts

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Keynote Speaker
Mike Montagne, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Why the American Fisheries Society is the professional home for you
Kurzawski, K.


Production of greater quantities of female Southern Flounder for stock

Silvy, E., and T. Decker


State of the state: aquatic invasive vegetation
Findeisen, J., and T. Decker


The plight of the Rio Grande Shiner, Notropis jemezanus, in the lower
Rio Grande along the Texas/Mexico border

Conway, K. W., M. Osborne, M. Bean, and D. Portnoy


Upper thermal limits of freshwater mussels in Texas
Morton, J., C. Robertson, and C. R. Randklev


Loiterers, leavers, and leptokurtosis: synthesizing movement ecology
of Guadalupe Bass Micropterus treculii

Perkin, J., J. E. Pease, and T. Grabowski


Discrimination of Snowy Grouper otolith chemical signatures from Gulf
of Mexico and Western Atlantic Ocean

Sluis, M. Z, J. R. Rooker, and J. F. Pinsky


Evaluating the efficacy of mussel relocation in Texas with in-situ field

Freiburger, M., M. Hart, K. Inoue. M. Fisher, and C. R. Randklev


Consumptive demand of non-native Gulf Killifish Fundulus grandis in
the Lower Pecos River estimated using bioenergetics simulations

Salazar, J., and J. Pease


Developmental osteology of the Tadpole Madtom, Noturus gyrinus
Kubicek, K., R. Britz and K. W. Conway