2021 Meeting Talks

Tuesday, April 20th (Full Session)

Contributed Papers

Building a Habitat Management Plan for Lake Istokpoga
Crandall, C., J. Hazell, M. Hoyer, S. Hervas Avila, N. Morales and K. Lorenzen
Using social science to uncover stories behind conflict: a case study
Lorenzen, K., S. Hervas, C. Crandall, and J. Hazell
Who really cares about rare fish conservation? Awareness and attitudes about rare fish and their management in Florida
O’Connor, J., C. Anderson, R. Stout, T. Tuten, N. Morales and R. Paudyal
COVID-19 effects on recreational fishing in Florida
Paudyal, R
Review of the socioecological effects of artificial reefs in recreational fisheries
*Chong, L. , and E.V. Camp
Integrating social science and fisheries management: opportunities for collaboration
Cleary, M
Incorporating Diverse Stakeholder Attitudes and Preferences for Common Fisheries Management Actions
*Perry, D., C. Crandall, N. Morales, and E.V. Camp
Using hook and line gear to survey estuarine hard bottom fish communities
Williams, B.J., K.E. Flaherty-Walia, B.L. Barabara, B.L. Winner, T.S. Switzer,S.F. Keenan and T.C. MacDonald
Restored Coastal Habitat in the Indian River Lagoon Can Reel In Local Juvenile Sportfish Populations
*Loch, J., G.S. Cook, and L.J. Walters
Multispecies trends in juvenile fish recruitment to nearshore seagrass habitats of the eastern Gulf of Mexico
Gorecki, R., M.N. Schrandt, and T.S. Switzer
Spatial patterns of marine debris and relationship with nekton assemblages in Florida’s estuarine waters
VanDoornik, T., E. Weather, and M. Schrandt
eDNA: The new frontier in biomonitoring
Gaither, M.R., G. Kumar, and E. Farrell
The impact of trap confinement on the condition of the Florida stone crab Menippe mercenaria
*Rose, K., L. Humphrey, R. Vollemans, C. Crowley, R. Gandy and D. Behringer
Maturation and Fecundity of an Introduced Population of Pike Killifish
Smith, G

Wednesday, April 21st (Full Session)

Symposium: Schooling for Successful Science

Improvements to Culture Methods of the Cyclopoid Copepod Oithona colcarva
*Hutchins, S.W., L.E. Smith, and M.A. DiMaggio
A preliminary regulatory cost assessment of ornamental aquaculture farms in Florida
*Boldt, N.C., F. Asche, and M.A. DiMaggio
Developing larval culture protocols for Blackbanded Sunfish (Enneacanthus chaetodon)
*Murray, C.A., A.L. Wood, T.N. Lipscomb, Q. Tuckett, J. Patterson and M.A. DiMaggio
Developing a robust index to describe ovarian condition in captive adult Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus)
*O’Neil, K., J. Lemus, and J. Patterson
Sublethal Effects of Microcystis aeruginosa Toxin Exposure on Juvenile Blue Crabs (Callinectes sapidus)
*Oxton, A. , and D.C. Behringer
It takes a watershed to develop an estuary program – developing collaborative estuary programs in Northwest Florida
Croteau, A.C., H.N. Gancel, J.M. Caffrey,, and M.J. Deitch
Bottom-Up Conservation: Using Stakeholder Knowledge to Inform Conservation Priorities for an Unregulated and Recreationally Valued Fish Species
*Gervasi, C.L., J.S. Rehage, R.O. Santos, R.J. Rezek, W.R. James,R.E. Boucek,C. Bradshaw, C. Kavanagh, and J. Osborne
Joining the Florida fisheries community: A history and horizon scan
Carlson, A
Assessing Hydrilla Spread and Subsequent Impacts on Sportfish Communities in Lake Sinclair, Georgia
*Glomb, J., R. Lowe III, J. Shelton, and M. Hamel
Navigating the gauntlet – juvenile tarpon emigration from coastal ponds in Southwest Florida
Bunting, M., D. Blewett, P. Stevens, and C. Saari
Evolutionary Tools and Techniques in Fisheries: Balancing 30 years of change within a long-term dataset
Heagey, B
Using Video Surveys to Examine the Effect of Habitat on Gag Occurrence
*Alvarez, G., D. Gandy, B. Irwin, C. Jennings, and A. Fox
Proposed Standard Weight (Ws) Equation and Standard Length Categories for Lake Chubsucker Erimyzon sucetta
Bonvechio, T. , and K. Bonvechio
Habitat Suitability Indices for Freshwater Organisms in Support of Minimum Flows and Levels Rule Development
Nagid, E. , and L. Ortiz

Thursday, April 22nd (Full Session)

Contributed Papers

Is There a Link Between Turbidity and Exotic Fish in the Upper St. Johns River Basin?
Hyle, R. , and A. Bernhardt
Domestication and feralization influence the distribution and phenotypes of escaped ornamental fish
Tuckett, Q.M., K.N. Ressel, J.L. Ritch, K.M. Lawson, and J.E. Hill
Ten Years in Review: Out of Season Spawning Technique of Florida Largemouth Bass
Garnett, M. , and R. Stout
Shoal Bass of the Chipola River and Impacts from Hurricane Michael
Henry, R. , and A. Strickland
Suwannee Bass Movement and Life-History in the Withlacoochee River, Georgia
*Yeager, J.W., T.F. Bonvechio, and M.J. Hamel
Kissimmee River Fish Study – Largemouth Bass Telemetry
Grey, R., R. Hyle, B. Fontaine, A. Bernhardt, and C. Hanlon
Investigating Drivers of Seasonal Shifts in Fish Abundance in the Homosassa River System
*Dluzniewski, T., M.S. Allen, E.R. Johnson, and A.P. Stanfill
Special Ops Fishing: Creating a High-demand, Limited-access Trophy Bass Fishery
Zappulla, S., and A. Dutterer
Increasing descender device usage may reduce recreational Red Snapper discard mortality
Vecchio, J., D. Lazarre, and B. Sauls
Olfactory discrimination in juvenile bonefish (Albula goreensis) in response to food, predator, and habitat cues
*Thurman, M.A., N.J. Haag, K.M. WIlson, and J.M. Shenker
Density dependent survival in recruitment compensation – is it real?
Camp, E.V., T. MacDonald, Z. Siders, and K. Lorenzen
Environmental Influences on Directed Snook Movement During High Discharges
*Kleiman, L., J. Young, and J. Baldwin
Investigating the potential effects that climate change, fishing mortality, or a combination of both are having on a unique gulf strain of Striped Bass Morone saxalitis
*Stang, S., A. Strickland, and M. Allen