Previous Workshops

October 2021: Introduction to fish anatomy and identification plus detailed guides to three common Florida marine fish families (Lutjanidae, Epinephelidae, and Carangidae) – Theresa Warner (FWC-FWRI)

April 2021: Collecting, Processing, and Ageing Fin Structures from Freshwater and Marine Fishes -Summer Lindelien and Kristen Rynerson (FWC-FWRI)

August 2020: Introduction to R for Fisheries Professionals -Paul Schueller (FWC, Center for Biostatistics and Modeling)

April 2019: Michael Higgs (Higgs Hydrographic Tek) – “New Technology for Fisheries – Autonomous Data Collection”

April 2018: Michael and Chelsey Crandall (UF) – “Science Outreach-Engagement Through Film”