Awards and Scholarships

 Annual Florida Chapter Awards and Scholarships

Attention Students:

Student Travel Grant – (apply by 01 Mar 2019)
The Chapter uses proceeds from the previous year’s raffle to issue travel grants to as many fisheries students as possible.

Roger Rottmann Memorial Scholarship (apply by 01 Mar 2019) awarded annually to deserving fisheries students in memory of Roger Rottmann a fisheries researcher from the University of Florida and a dedicated member of the Florida Chapter.

Outstanding Achievement Award (nominate by 01 Mar 2019) recognizes individuals for singular accomplishments and contributions to fisheries, aquatic sciences, and the Florida Chapter. The award aims to honor individuals for distinct contributions to the fisheries profession and enhancing the visibility of the Chapter. The Outstanding Achievement Award is the highest honor Florida AFS may bestow upon an individual member or collaborating group. Candidates will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

    • Original techniques or research methodology
    • Original ideas, viewpoints, or data which contributed to fisheries management or our understanding of aquatic resources
    • Important ecological discoveries
    • An original fishery research or management program of statewide importance
    • Activities in public education and outreach that have statewide impacts

Rich Cailteux Award (nominate by 01 Mar 2018) recognizes individuals who have maintained a long-term commitment to research, management, and/or conservation of Florida fisheries and aquatic resources. This award aims to honor individuals for their career contributions to the fisheries profession and enhancing the visibility of the Florida Chapter. Candidates will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

    • A minimum of 20 years spent in a fisheries related field in Florida
    • Substantial career contributions to Florida aquatic resources and the fisheries profession
    • An imaginative and successful program in fisheries and aquatic sciences education
    • A history of mentoring young fisheries professionals, and involvement and leadership with the Florida Chapter of the American Fisheries Society.

Presentation/Poster Awards

  • Best Professional Paper
  • Best Student Paper
  • Best Professional Poster
  • Best Student Poster
  • Power-Tie Award  – The Power Tie Award was initiated in 2000 by Brent Winner. The purpose of the award was to give recognition to the “most dynamic oral presentation” at the annual meeting of the Florida Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. The tradition is that the winner of the award attends the meeting after the award, wears the tie at some time during the meeting (preferably during a talk presented by the winner) and then makes the award presentation at the awards session of the annual meeting to the individual who has given the most dynamic oral presentation at that meeting.

The Lamp Shade Award – For the individual who best epitomizes the zeal of fishery scientists for emulating the flair of spawning tetras in attempting to keep the bonfire social a fun and intellectually stimulating experience.

Southern Division Awards

Nominations for the Jimmie Pigg Memorial Outstanding Student Achievement Award should be submitted by December 1st. This award recipient is selected by the Warmwater Streams Committee to recognize university students that show exceptional progress in their research, education and professional endeavors. The recipient is typically awarded at the SDAFS Spring Meeting and will receive a plaque, travel funds to an AFS meeting, and a one-year membership to AFS.