Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Workshop

FLAFS Spring 2022 Continuing Education Workshop

Title: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Date: April, 5 2022
Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Format: In-person
Location: Meeting room, FFA Leadership Training Center
Cost: Free with meeting registration, RSVP while registering

A recent survey by the American Fisheries Society identified critical thinking as one of the most important skills that employers seek from young professionals. However, critical thinking is an important skill across all levels of our profession. But what is critical thinking and how do we sharpen our own thinking? This workshop will help define critical thinking, identify barriers, and describe attributes of individuals who think critically.
Natural resource professionals often deal with complex ecological and social issues. How can we apply critical thinking skills to make better decisions and solve complex problems? What are the basics of solving problems? How can we utilize collaborative problem solving skills at work? This workshop will conclude with a fisheries case study that relies on a blend of creative and critical thinking to develop effective management strategies.

Agenda: TBD


Vic DiCenzo, Ph.D.
Black Bass Program Coordinator
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

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