Lamp Shade Award

For the individual who best epitomizes the zeal of fishery scientists for emulating the flair of spawning tetras in attempting to keep the bonfire social a fun and intellectually stimulating experience.

Award Recipients

2019: Taylor Lipscomb for his cartwheel abilities at the bonfire.

2018: Quenton Tuckett for keeping the fire jumping tradition alive and well.

2016: Chris Anderson for speaking gibberish at the bonfire and going to the wrong hotel room.

2015: James Kramer

2014: None

2013: Nicole Kierl for being sent to the office.

2012: Brent Winner for “accidentally” dialing 911 twice, causing an officer to make a visit to the bonfire

2008: Russ Lowers

2007: Matt Lauretta

2006: EN’s Stealth Squad for extracting a kayak from a locked Expedition and nearly scoring a ‘swish’ with it on the basketball court

2004: Eric Nagid and Bob Wattendorf–FAFS “Power Olympics”

2002: Tom Maher sacrificed a healthy vertebra to win both the newly inaugurated “Bonfire Olympics” as well as the coveted Lampshade Award

2000: Laura Jenkins