2015 Podcasts – Saturday

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Flow dynamics and temporal distribution in fish assemblage structure in two gulf coast rivers
Rodger, A. W.*, C. A. Krabbenhoft, and K. O. Winemiller


Characterizing the benthic food resources and habitat utilization of Black Drum (Pogonias cromis) in Baffin Bay, Texas
Mendenhall, K.*, J. Pollack, M. Ajemian, G. Stunz, and T. Palmer


A historical summary of the fish assemblages of the Wichita River, Texas
Cross, L.*, and G. R. Wilde


Specific gravity of ova and fry of broadcast-spawning cyprinids
Coleman, C. G.* and G. R. Wilde


Does water chemistry limit the distribution of New Zealand mud snails in Redwood National Park?
Vazquez, R.* and D. M. Ward



Pattern of invasion of a nonindigenous cyprinid and potential shifts in the native fish assemblage structure
Best, A* and C. E. Johnston


Selecting strategic habitat areas to help protect North Carolina’s coastal fisheries
Jensen, C*


Using ongoing fishery monitoring to predict the relationship between seagrass habitats and fish CPUE and diversity
Clarkson, E.*


Establishment of native aquatic vegetation in conjunction with an integrated pest management program
Woelfel, H*, M. P. Masser, and M. A. Webb


Adaptive management of Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica) in Texas – Implementation of emergency closure guidelines in Copano Bay, Texas
Mace, C. E.*


Aquatic food-web structure varies longitudinally with natural and anthropogenic influences in the Pecos River, Texas and New Mexico
East, J.* and A. Pease


Early development of Mexican Snook Centropomus poeyi (Teleostei: Centropomidae)
Kubicek, K*, R. Martinez-Garcia, C. A. Alvarez Gonzalez, and K. Conway


Evaluation of community-level physiological profiling for monitoring microbes in fish hatchery ponds
Kurten, G. L.* and A. Barkoh


Spatial patterns in Texas lotic fish communities
Lane, M.*, S. Curtis, J. Oakley, M. Mokrech, and G. Guillen