2017 Meeting Podcasts

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Randy Rushin, TCAFS President-Elect

The 50-year water plan – how will Texas meet its future water needs?
Dr. Robert Mace, Texas Water Development Board

Ensuring adequate water resources to sustain healthy aquatic ecosystems
Cindy Loeffler, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Balancing the municipal, industrial, agricultural and ecological water demands in the Trinity River basin
Glenn Clingenpeel, Trinity River Authority

Reproductive life history and host fish selection in Fusconaia mitchelli (False Spike), Quadrula aurea (Golden Orb), and Quadrula petrina (Texas Pimpleback)
J. Dudding, and C. Randklev

Rapid quantitative assessment to identify imperiled fishes
N. Hahn, C. A. Craig, and T. H. Bonner

Movements and demographics of Blue Sucker in the lower Colorado River, Texas
Acre, M. R., T. B. Grabowski, D. Geeslin, A. Pease, and N. G. Smith

Comparison of two biometric methods for determining sex of Alligator Gar
McDonald, D., J. W. Schlechte, and D. J. Daugherty

Residency and movement of Spotted Seatrout Cynoscion nebulosus on a restored oyster reef
TinHan, T. C., J. A. Mohan, J. Sullivan, M. J. Dumesnil, C. F. Ruiz, and R. J. D. Wells

Modeling the responses of Alligator Gar populations to harvest: implications for conservation and management
Smith, N. G., D. J. Daugherty, J. W. Schlechte, and D. L. Buckmeier

Effects of stocking density and feed rate on the growth of hatchery-reared juvenile Spotted Seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus
Fincannon, A. N., R. R. Vega, D. M. Gatlin III, J. M. Fox, and B. D. Sterba-Boatwright