Junior Fisheries Biologist

Virginia Junior Fisheries Biologist Program

***The  VC AFS will NOT be offering this scholarship for 2021.  If interested, please consider the AFS Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program.***

The goal of the Virginia Junior Fisheries Biologist Program is to provide practical field experience to students with interest in pursuing careers in fisheries science and aquatic resource management. Students are paired with a fisheries mentor from their local area to gain hands-on experience and to plan and execute a fisheries-related project. We are seeking motivated students that are available to participate full-time (32-40 hours per week) for at least 8 weeks during summer break. Students are provided with a scholarship, not to exceed $3,000, to be paid in three equal installments over the term of their participation, with the final installment paid after successful completion of their project. Application to the program is open to current 11th- and 12th-grade high school, community college, and four-year college students regardless of race, creed, sex, or economic background. Because a goal of the program is to increase diversity within the fisheries professions, groups underrepresented in our profession are especially encouraged to apply. Information for prospective mentors also may be found by following the link. Applications and supporting materials must be submitted by the end of the calendar year.


 Please direct any questions regarding scholarships to the Past-President listed on our Officers page.