Past Presidents

We thank those who have served as President of the Virginia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society!

2017-Mike Isel

2016-Craig Roghair

2015-Eric Hallerman

2014-Don Orth

2013-John Copeland

2012-Vic DiCenzo

2011-Bob Andrews

2010-Adrienne Averett

2009-Eric Brittle

2008-Bob Greenlee

2007-Scott Smith

2006-Dan Michaelson

2005-John Odenkirk

2004-Steve Reeser

2003-Mark Hudy

2002-Price Smith

2001-Becky Wajda

2000-Chas Gowan

1999-Steve McMullin

1998-Tom Wilcox

1997-Bud LaRoche

1996-Werner Wieland

1995-Larry Mohn

1994-Andy Dolloff

1993-Mike Odom

1992-Bob Graham

1991-Paul Bugas

1990-Paul Bugas