Abstract Submission

Abstract deadline: February 15, 2021 - Now Closed

Thanks for your patience as we build our new virtual meeting platform! We hope to have the full meeting page up soon and will let you know when it’s time to register for our 47th Annual Meeting. Meanwhile…

We are ready for your abstracts!

Presentation Guidelines: Given the bandwidth issues we often encounter in Alaska, we are planning to have talks pre-recorded (more details on this process to come). This will ensure high quality distribution of your presentation. Speakers will be live for moderated Q&A, panels and plenaries. Talks will be limited to 15 minutes including questions. We suggest you present for 12 minutes and leave 3 minutes for questions. Recorded content will be made available to registrants following the meeting as well.

Poster Guidelines:  Posters are written, self-explanatory presentations that fit into a single panel/viewing pane. To accommodate our virtual platform, posters should be created to be viewable as a single page on a computer screen.  While there’s no need for the traditional “readable from a distance of 3 ft”, do be sure to create a poster that is engaging and informative, and can be interpreted in one to two minutes. Creative formats or programs other than PowerPoint are encouraged provided that they are web-browser compatible, as are embedded animations and/or video. Posters will be on display throughout the meeting, and we will use breakout rooms during the Poster Session for live presentation of your work. During that time the lead author is expected to be present for discussions and questions regarding their research.

Abstract Submission: The program committee welcomes your abstracts for oral presentations and posters. Please limit abstracts to 300 words. Please note that special formatting (e.g., bold, numbering, etc.) may be lost in copy-paste. A separated abstract will need to be submitted for each presentation, even if submitted by the same author.

You will need to create a login account (email address and password) to submit your abstract through our Cvent meeting platform. You will use this same login throughout the meeting registration and participation process.

Submit your abstracts here: https://www.cvent.com/c/abstracts/