Abstract Submission

Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

50th Annual Meeting

“Breaking Barriers to Bridge New Connections”

March 24-29, 2024
Seward, Alaska
Abstract deadline: March 1, 2024 

Abstract Submission: Please limit abstracts to 300 words, and note that special formatting (e.g., bold, numbering, etc.) may be lost in copy-paste.  A separate abstract must be submitted for each presentation, even if submitted by the same author.

Oral Presentation Guidelines:

Short talks: Talks will be limited to 8 minutes including questions. We suggest you present for 5-6 minutes and leave at least 2-3 minutes for questions. Short talks are good fit for researchers, professionals, or students in the planning stage of research or that are providing preliminary data.
Long talks: Talks will be limited to 15 minutes including questions. We suggest you present for no more than 12 minutes and leave at least 3 minutes for questions.

Poster Guidelines:  The poster session will be held in-person Wednesday March 27th in conjunction with the trade show. Please limit posters to a 4’ (48”) width and height. An example of poster dimensions would be 48”W X 35”H.

The following symposia have been proposed:
  • “Fisheries Genomics: Forging Fisheries Solutions using the Building Block of Life” (chair: Jessica Glass)
  • “Groundfish in Alaska: Increasing importance to sport, commercial, and subsistence fisheries” (chair: Jan Rumble)
  • “Celebrating success and looking towards the future: The next decade of stream and lake temperature research and management in Alaska” (chairs: Erin Larson, Marcus Geist, Sue Mauger, & Rebecca Shaftel)
  • “Changing Shellfish Fisheries in Alaska” (chair: Jan Rumble).

Symposium descriptions are available on the meeting website.

Contributed presentations on other topics are welcome and will be grouped by theme based on keywords provided in the survey.

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