American Fisheries Society Alaska Chapter Annual Meeting
March 22 - 25, 2021

We are going virtual in 2021! We are excited to create an engaging and meaningful experience for our annual chapter meeting. Please help us re-envision and create a more inclusive experience with active participation around the state. No travel restrictions or budget shortfalls to get in the way!

In 2021, the Alaska Chapter meeting theme is “Coming Together For the Love of Fish”. As fisheries professionals, we are well aware of the rapid change occurring in our marine and freshwater systems and the challenges that brings to sustainable management and conservation efforts. Yet, we continue to face these challenges by creating collaborative networks, exploring new technologies and seeking deeper understanding. Why? For the love of fish! How can we better understand and respond to these rapid changes through innovation, research, policy, and outreach? And while ecosystem changes are challenging our fisheries, we are also aware of the social change needed in the field of fisheries. The American Fisheries Society has recently made efforts to increase diversity and inclusion at annual meetings and among our membership. How can the Alaska Chapter continue to lead by example and elevate the work of and opportunities for women, underrepresented communities, Tribes, and others? We invite you to help us highlight how Alaskans love of fish offers the common ground needed to bring scientists, policy makers, and resource users together to meet the challenges facing our marine and freshwater resources.

Registration is open: