Meeting Theme

Breaking Barriers to Bridge
New Connections in Alaska’s Fisheries

March 24-29, 2024
Seward, Alaska

“Breaking Barriers to Bridge New Connections” signifies a commitment by the Alaska Chapter to foster collaboration and innovation within Alaska’s Fisheries from all perspectives of our diverse state. As the Alaska Chapter celebrates its 50th annual meeting, we must recognize the change that has occurred over the last half-century is but a sliver in the timescale of many local and traditional fisheries. This theme highlights the importance of overcoming challenges and obstacles through forming meaningful connections that enhance the sharing of knowledge to improve the sustainability and management of Alaska’s fisheries.

The beauty of Alaska’s fisheries are the nearly infinite perspectives of those deeply invested in aquatic resources, which ranges from non-residents to those with ageless traditional knowledge. While the existence of so many perspectives can resemble the seemingly impermeable barrier between two seas, the dynamic mixing and sharing of knowledge across this barrier can create an environment as fertile and productive as the currents that form between the two. From new to First Alaskans, students to retired members, agency to university, and all backgrounds in between, we all have perspectives and knowledge to share that can propel Alaska’s fisheries towards sustainable solutions.

We invite you to submit abstracts for research, outreach, policy work, or initiatives that address these themes of sustainability, innovation, or other topics that bolster our collective understanding of Alaska fisheries.  Long talks (10-12 minutes), short talks (4-6 minutes), or a mix of both are welcome in all sessions. Unfortunately, due to the cost of hybrid options, symposia and technical sessions will be in-person. However, workshops can have in-person, virtual, or hybrid options. If you are not sure if your idea fits, it probably does! Please reach out to if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in Seward!