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The Florida Chapter of the American Fisheries Society will hold its 2019 annual meeting on April 3-5, 2019 at the Florida FFA Leadership Training Center in Haines City, FL.

This year’s symposium is “Technology – the Catch in Fisheries”.

Technology is the big game changer. The shift from analog to digital and wired to wireless has changed how we do our jobs, how we spend leisure time, how we communicate with peers and family, how we manage our lives. Fisheries, both freshwater and marine, are no exception. While still using boats, hook and line, and nets as the main tools of harvesting, most fisheries have been transformed by advances in communication, precision navigating, detection and characterization of both fish and seabed, and even boating itself. Fishery managers depend on fishery scientists to provide the best available data to make good informed decisions. Hopefully the technology for harvesting is not outstripping the resource faster than fishery scientists can detect it. The resource pie is still the same but there are many, many more players and they want bigger slices to justify the cost of their new technological marvels. Agencies and institutions both public and private are now cultivating stakeholders in preparation for organized challenges to normal management strategies. Are fishery scientists keeping up? This symposium is your chance to present cutting edge ideas and tools that can be used to successfully navigate some stormy high waters.


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