Get Involved!

There are many opportunities to get involved with the Florida Chapter. See below for a list of current efforts and their relevant points of contact. In particular, some of our committees (Continuing Education, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Marketing and Membership, and Policy) and other efforts (Student Scholarships and Travel Grants, aquatic clean ups, and recruitment of Code of Conduct officers) are actively recruiting members right now.

Shellcracker Newsletter
Feature articles or other AFS content
Kyle Miller

Updates, articles, content
Jason O’Connor

Raffle/Silent Auction
Assistance with raffle collections, auction items
Amanda Croteau

Award Committee
Rich Caiteux/Outstanding Achievement Awards
Eric Nagid

Student Scholarships and Travel Grants
Assistance with student scholarships and future scholarship opportunities
Rottman Scholarship
Dennis Punches Memorial Scholarship (West Palm Beach Fishing Club)
Chuck Cichra

Continuing Education Committee
Planning future continuing education workshops
Allison Durland Donahou
Jason O’Connor

Marketing and Membership Committee
New membership ideas in recruitment, retainment, and reactivation of members
Kerry Flaherty-Walia

Policy Committee
Keep members informed on local to national policy issues on aquatic resources
Ed Camp

New Venue Search Committee
Search for new venues for future Florida Chapter meetings
Matt Wegener
Kevin Johnson

Student Sub-unit
Swag sales, blog updates, student chapter involvement
Nicholas Castillo

Community and Engagement Committee
Providing members with information on inclusion and engagement
Chelsey Crandall

Florida AFS sponsored aquatic clean ups
Joining current aquatic clean ups or begin your own
Nick Trippel

Code of Conduct Officer
Searching for officers to represent FL AFS code of conduct
Daniel Nelson

Florida AFS general inquiry
General inquiries for Florida AFS
Chelsey Crandall (President)

Ed Camp (President-Elect)

Steve Beck (Secretary-Treasurer)

Daniel Nelson (Past President)