Past Award Winners

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Stevan Phelps Memorial Award


Christine Kozfkay accepting the award on behalf of Fisch et al.

Fisch, K.M., C.C. Kozfkay, J.A. Ivy, O.A. Ryder, and R.S. Waples. 2015. Fish Hatchery Genetic Management Techniques: Integrating Theory with Implementation. North American Journal of Aquaculture 77:343-357.


Will Satterthwait at AFS 2015 Portland

Satterthwaite, W.H., M.S. Mohr, M.R. O’Farrell, E.C. Anderson, M.A. Banks, S.J. Bates, M.R. Bellinger, L.A. Borgerson, E.D. Crandall, J.C. Garza, B.J. Kormos, P.W. Lawson, and M.L. Palmer-Zwahlen. 2014. Use of Genetic Stock Identification Data for Comparison of the Ocean Spatial Distribution, Size at Age, and Fishery Exposure of an Untagged Stock and Its Indicator: California Coastal versus Klamath River Chinook Salmon. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 143(1): 117-133.


Helen Neville with President Meredith Bartron

Neville, H., and L. Bernatchez. 2013. Coding Gene Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Population Genetics of Nonnative Brook Trout: The Ghost of Introductions Past. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 142(5):1215-1231.

James E. Wright Graduate Award


Jackman Eschenroeder (left) and Nathan Lucas (right)

Nathan Lucas, University of Connecticut
“Using Riverscape Genetics to Inform Conservation of Eastern Brook Trout Populations”
Co-advisors: Jason Vokoun, Amy Welsh

Jackman Eschenroeder, Georgia Southern University
“Hybridization and Replacement of Roanoke Bass with Invasive Rock Bass in Virginia: A Genetic Analysis of the Problem”
Advisor: Jamie Roberts


Kari Dammerman (left) and John Hargrove (right)

Kari Dammerman, Michigan State University
“Egg quality, reproductive success, and behavioral plasticity of spawning female lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens)”
Advisor: Kim Scribner

John Hargrove, University of Florida
“Assessing population level impacts of catch-and-release angling on reproductive success and recruitment on Florida bass Micropterus floridanus
Advisor: James Austin


Ryan Waples with President Meredith Bartron

Ryan Waples, University of Washington
“How to Use Reduced-Representation Genomic Methods to Estimate Contemporary Effective Population Size”
Advisors: Jim and Lisa Seeb

Early Career Award


Dr. Scott Pavey, University of New Brunswick