The Trout Committee’s roots can be traced back to the Trout Stream Subcommittee of the Forest Game Committee in the Wildlife Society’s Southeastern Section. This subcommittee was formed in 1964, but by 1966, the membership agreed that it should be reappointed as a standing committee within the Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society (SDAFS). It was also agreed that the committee should be expanded to include South Carolina, Maryland, and Arkansas. The SDAFS accepted this proposal, making the Trout Committee one of its first technical committees. It remains one of ten SDAFS technical committees in place today.

The SDAFS Trout Committee currently comprises over 30 coldwater fishery specialists representing a variety of natural resource management agencies, academia, and the private sector. All members are appointed by the SDAFS president. A portion of these have traditionally been recommended by the chiefs of fisheries in SDAFS states, while the remaining members are at-large representatives. During its history, which now spans over 50 years, over 150 people from 16 state and 9 federal agencies, as well as 13 universities and five private organizations, have served on the Committee. Their efforts have enabled the Committee to address a wide variety of timely issues. Consequently, the Committee has achieved a noteworthy set of accomplishments that have helped improve both our understanding and management of trout resources and fisheries.

For more information about the Trout Technical Committee, contact the current Chair:

Matt Lawrence 
Coldwater Fisheries Specialist
Fishing and Boating Services
Department of Natural Resources
17400 Annapolis Rock Road
Woodbine, Maryland 21797
(410) 703-7416 (C)