2011 Podcasts – Friday – PM

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How Do Largemouth Bass Determine Sex?
(Lutz-Carrillo, D.*, and N. Rathjen)

The Influence of Hydrology, Light Penetrance, and Nutrients on Production Sources for Fishes in Six Floodplain Rivers
(Roach, K. A.*, and K. O. Winemiller)

Importance of River-reservoir Connectivity for Migratory Reservoir Fishes
(Smith, J. A.*, B. P. Fleming, K. A. Bodine, and D. L. Buckmeier)

Using Stable Isotopes to Reveal Food Web Structures in the Mekong River and its Tributaries
(Ou, C.*)

Food Web Structure of Shallow Floodplain Habitats: Oueme River, West Africa
(Jackson, A.*, K. O. Winemiller, and A. Alphonse)

Ecomorphological Correlates in Temperate Floodplain Centrarchid Fishes
(Montaña, C. G.*, and K. O. Winemiller)

Spatial and Temporal Implications of Electrofishing in a Large Floodplain River Ecosystem
(Carmean, N. J.*, and J. R. Jackson)

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Population Dynamics of Alligator Gar in the Trinity River, Texas
(Buckmeier, D. L.*, N. G. Smith, J. W. Schlechte, and A. M. Ferrera)

Feeding Ecology of Introduced Smallmouth Bass in the Devil’s River, Texas
(Kollaus, K. A.*, J. S. Perkin, R. A. Myers, and T. H. Bonner)

Winter Feeding Ecology of the Blacktail Shiner (Cyprinella venusta) in the Llano River
(Sullivan, M. L.*, and Y. Zhang)

Impacts of Golden Alga on Fish Populations in Reservoirs of the Upper Colorado River and Brazos River Basins
(VanLandeghem, M.*, M. Farooqi, B. Farquhar, and R. Patiño)

Reproductive and Trophic Ecology of Two Sympatrically Occurring Cyprinids in the Rio Grande Basin, Texas
(McMillan, S. M.*, J. N. Fries, and T. H. Bonner)

Angler Attitudes and Opinions Concerning Blue Catfish Management at a Local Scale
(Neely, B. C.*, and S. C. Dumont)

Attitudes, Opinions, and Economic Impact of Jugline Anglers on Three Texas Reservoirs
(Tibbs, J. T.*, T. Hungerford, and R. Ott)

Surveying Texas’ Freshwater Catfish Anglers
(Schlechte, J. W.*, D. L. Buckmeier, K. Hunt, C. Hutt, and J. Leitz)

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