2011 Podcasts – Saturday

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Short-term Survival in the Wild of Advanced Florida Largemouth Bass Fingerlings Reared in Hatchery Ponds on Artificial or Natural Food
(Martinez, J. G.*, A. Forshage, C. C. Bonds, and T. Owens)

Life History Aspects of a Relict Ironcolor Shiner Population in a Novel Spring Environment
(Perkin, J. S*, Z. R. Shattuck, and T. H. Bonner)

Patterns of Endemism and Species Richness of Fishes of the Western Gulf Slope
(Maxwell, R. J*, and T. H. Bonner)

Inferring Trophic Resource Partitioning Among Amazonian Floodplain Serrasalmid Fishes from δ13C and δ15N Stable Isotopes, Stomach Content and Eco-morphological Data
(Correa, S. B.*, and K. O. Winemiller)

Harvest and Survival of Channel Catfish in Community Fishing Lakes
(Munger, C.*)

Abundance and Distribution of the threatened minnows Campostoma ornatum and Notropis Chihuahua in the Trans-Pecos Region of Texas
(Miyazono, S.*, and C. Taylor)

Refining Un-ionized Ammonia Treatments for Golden Alga Control in Striped Bass Production Ponds
(Barkoh, A.*, T. Wyatt, and J. W. Schlechte)

An Evaluation of Liberal and Conservative Water Use in Finglering Channel Catfish Ponds
(Kurten, G.*, T. Wyatt, A. Barkoh, H. Glenewinkel, and J. Paret)

Reproductive Ecology of the Red Shiner in the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River, Texas
(Knabe, D. W.*, and G. R. Wilde)

Developing Fish Habitat Suitability Criteria for the Lower San Antonio River Basin
(Littrell, B.*, E. Oborny, K. Mayes, G. Linam, C. Robertson, and D. Geeslin)

Using Envelope Curves to Derive Fish habitat Suitability Indices for Instream Flow Assessments
(Mayes, K.*, T. Hardy, J. Bostros, C. Robertson, B. Littrell, and K. Aziz)

Never Enough Data, Never Enough Time: Theoretical and Practical Sticking Points in Determining Environmental Flows
(Winemiller, K. O.*)

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