Call for Symposia and Workshops

Symposium and Workshop Submission Now Open: Due Date January 13, 2023

We invite you to submit symposium and workshop ideas that highlight research, outreach and education, policy work, or initiatives that address the themes of creativity, resilience, or other topics relating to Alaska fisheries. We welcome potential symposium organizers to consider a variety of possible formats. Some topics in fisheries are conducive to a traditional symposium of presentations organized around a theme. Other topics are better suited to panel or round-table discussions. All of these formats are welcome at the 2023 Annual Meeting. We encourage organizers to make symposia and workshops available to both in-person and remote attendees via our hybrid platform, but proposals for solely in-person or Zoom symposia and workshops will also be considered. If you are not sure if your idea fits, it probably does! Please reach out, and we will work with you to make it happen.

Submit Symposium or Workshop Idea

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  1. Erika Ammann says:

    A session or ability to present or distribute information on funding opportunities through the Infrastructure Act

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