The goal of the Bioengineering Section is to promote excellence in the field of fisheries bioengineering through improved communication between biologists,‭ ‬engineers,‭ ‬and other professionals working for the conservation of fisheries resources.‭ ‬The Bioengineering Section was founded in‭ ‬1979.‭ ‬The American Fisheries Society ‭(‬AFS‭) ‬was‭ ‬founded in‭ ‬1870‭ ‬to promote the conservation,‭ ‬development,‭ ‬and wise use of fisheries resources.‭ ‬To learn more about the history,‭ ‬objectives,‭ ‬and administration of the Bioengineering Section,‭ ‬click the‭ “About Us‬‭” ‬button above.

What is Fisheries Bioengineering?

Fisheries bioengineering includes many specialties of biological and engineering expertise, including: Hatchery and aquaculture technology and engineering Habitat protection and restoration Hydro mitigation and fish passage Water treatment and recirculation Pond culture and reservoir fisheries Mariculture and netcage systems Research laboratories and aquariums Fishing gear, fish processing equipment, and facility design Training and education programs Read More