The AFS-BES/ASCE-EWRI Joint Fish Passage Committee established the Distinguished Project in Fisheries Engineering and Ecohydrology Award in early 2013, to recognize projects for their multidisciplinary approach to collaboration, innovation, education, and improved ecological value for passage of aquatic and diadromous species.  The projects that receive this award are small to medium sized projects that exemplify success and inspire greater application of fish passage restoration.  The Committee solicits nominations for the award in late-winter and presents the award at the annual International Fish Passage Conference.  To nominate a project please contact the Chairman of the AFS-BES/ASCE-EWRI Joint Fish Passage Committee (see Committees on the website).


The Bioengineering Section has established the Ned Taft Student Travel Award in honor of our distinguished former President and member Ned Taft, to encourage Annual and Division meeting participation by students specializing in bioengineering-related research.  The AFS Bioengineering Section (BES) has established this travel award program to reimburse travel costs up to a maximum of $1000.

Rules & Eligibility

1) Open to degree-program students involved in undergraduate or graduate research at an accredited public or private university.

2) Complete the application (request in email from BES President)

3) Student must be an AFS and BES member when the application is reviewed by the BES Excom.  (Note:  Students can become Members of the BES through the ordinary renewal process for AFS dues at by additionally selecting the Bioengineering Section.  Student membership is “free”.)

4) Presentation topic must be in bioengineering-related topical areas (for example, but not limited to: fish passage, screening, ecosystem restoration, aquatic telemetry, aquaculture, bioengineering education, fish interactions energy projects, and other engineering-fisheries management topical areas.)

5) Application must be filed by April 1 in the year preceding the planned travel and presentation.

6) The application package must include a letter of advocacy from the student’s academic advisor or other appropriate faculty member at the student’s college or university. This letter should state (1) why the student deserves the award and (2) corroborate the need for the award.

7) A presentation of an oral or poster presentation must be made at the Annual or a Divisional AFS Meeting.

8) Recipient must be physically present to receive the award at the AFS Bioengineering Section Annual meeting held in conjunction with the AFS Annual Meeting.

9)  Award selections will be made by majority vote of the BES EXCOM (i.e., President, Past-President, President-Elect, and Secretary-Treasurer) based on the perceived merit and need.  The EXCOM may select multiple recipients for awards.  10) Those selected for awards will be notified by telephone or e-mail no later than May 15 of each year. Notification shall specify the amount of the award.  Reimbursement 9) Expenses will be reimbursed only at the BES Annual Business Meeting (recipients not in physical attendance will forfeit their award.)

10)  Submit documentation of anticipated expenses by email to the BES Treasurer 24-48 hours prior to the Business meeting.  The eligible expenses covered are (only 🙂   a) Lodging expenses at the AFS venue, up to 4 nights, plus $50/day meal and incidental expenses b) AFS Annual Meeting Registration Expenses,

11) Secretary BES will assess the request for reimbursement and the sufficiency of the documentation provided, and, when the Secretary is satisfied that the conditions have been met, prepare the check so that payment can be made at the BES Annual Business Meeting.  President BES may unilaterally waive any or all formalities when making payment.

12) Questions?  Contact President, AFS-BES (see Contact Us on this website)

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