About Us

The Bioengineering Section of the American Fisheries Society provides a forum for its members to discuss solutions and exchange and publish information regarding techniques and impacts of fisheries bioengineering research and practice. To learn more about the Bioengineering Section or to become a member, please continue below…

Our Mission…

The goal of the Bioengineering Section is to promote excellence in the field of fisheries bioengineering through improved communication between biologists, engineers, and other professionals working for the conservation of fisheries resources. The Bioengineering Section was founded in 1979. The American Fisheries Society (AFS) was founded in 1870 to promote the conservation, development, and wise use of fisheries resources. To learn more about the history, objectives, and administration of the Bioengineering Section see our bylaws and procedures below.

What is Fisheries Bioengineering?

Fisheries bioengineering includes many specialties of biological and engineering expertise, including:

  • Fish passage
  • Barrier removal
  • Hydro mitigation
  • Hatchery and aquaculture technology and engineering
  • Habitat protection, restoration and connectivity
  • Water treatment and recirculation
  • Pond culture and reservoir fisheries
  • Research laboratories and aquariums
  • Fishing gear, fish processing equipment, and facility design
  • Training and education programs





Engineers, biologists, managers, technicians, and researchers who want to keep track of the latest developments in fish passage, barrier removal, aquaculture systems, habitat protection/restoration,  hydro mitigation, fisheries equipment development, and project design and operation.


What activities do we support?

  • An annual international Fish Passage Conference (co-managed with the Environmental & Water Resources Institute of American Society of Engineers)
  • Annual symposia in technical and bioengineering fields
  • A network and directory of members with common interests
  • Publication of proceedings through AFS
  • Continuing education programs
  • Technical workshops and tours
  • Advocacy relating to bioengineering issues and the protection of fisheries resources.



How to join the Bioengineering Section of the American Fisheries Society: Click here to link to an application form. Non-AFS Members must first join the parent Society.  When doing this there will be an option to join BES.  Current AFS Members can join the Bioengineering Section when renewing their AFS memberships.


Section Bylaws & PROCEDURES

The Section’s Bylaws were last revised in 2009 to conform to our Parent Society’s Bylaws.

Section Procedures Manual – If you are interested in knowing more about the duties of the section officers, executive committee, and the committee chairs, this manual provides a full description.