Welcome to the Rotenone Stewardship Program Website

The Rotenone Stewardship Program, established in 1993, was created to ensure that rotenone continues to be available as a critical tool in fisheries management. This website contains a vast array of information intended for rotenone users to assist in the safe and effective use of the product for fish eradication, control and sampling. Rotenone stewardship focuses on environmental protection and the prudent use of the product to reduce its environmental impact. Actions include treating at effective but not excessive levels, treating when environmental conditions will limit non-target impacts, carefully considering public input, improving the public’s understanding of why rotenone projects are needed, and deactivating rotenone containing water leaving the treatment area. Stewardship actions are a natural fit for rotenone since its use can be controversial due to environmental and public health concerns. Not practicing rotenone stewardship often results in time-consuming public relations and environmental regulatory problems.

The Rotenone Stewardship Program is made possible from a partnership between AFS and the primary rotenone registrant Central Life Sciences.