Rotenone SOP Manual, 2nd Edition


The Manual contains four chapters, beginning with an introduction that orients the reader to a brief history of rotenone registration, label directions, use as a fish management tool, information on formulations and environmental fate, toxicity to fish and wildlife, public health and concerns, product stewardship, and an overview of the manual structure.  The second chapter provides general guidance on rotenone project planning procedures and how the Standard Operating Procedures are used in successful planning.  The third chapter contains a summary of various sampling techniques used to monitor the biotic and abiotic components of the aquatic environment.  The fourth chapter contains Standard Operating Procedures that complement the label.  Detailed instruction on the AFS Rotenone SOP Manual including application techniques, hands-on experience with application equipment, matching rotenone formulations to specific waters and examples of successful planning are provided in a week-long course given by the Manual’s authors. The Manual and information on current piscicide course scheduling can be found at the American Fisheries Society’s website

Download a copy of the manual here: Rotenone SOP Manual 2nd ONLINE 2023 Jan 2024 Revision (1)Rotenone SOP Manual 2nd ONLINE 2023 Jan 2024 Revision (1)

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