Snieszko Student Travel Awards

The Snieszko Student Travel Award is awarded yearly to one or more students to help cover costs associated with attending the Annual FHS meeting to present a paper in the aquatic animal health field. To be eligible, students must be members of the FHS. The request for applications is announced in the October and January issues of the Fish Health Newsletter. Following the submission of required materials, each student’s application is judged based on the quality of the abstract, significance of/interest in the research, academic achievement, professional achievement, and financial need.

Past Recipients of the Snieszko Student Travel Award


  • Eva Marie Quijano Carde (UC Davis)
  • Manuel Soto Davila (University of Waterloo
  • Evan Jones (University of Idaho)
  • Amanpreet Kohli (Virginia Institute of Marine Science)
  • Cristin Mayes (University of Miami)
  • Celene Slifka (Mississippi State University)
  • Arun Venugopalan (Mississippi State University)
  • Benjamin Americus (Oregon State University)
  • Sam Darling (Michigan State University)
  • Ojo Oke (University of Technology Akure, Nigeria)


  • Cheyenne Smith (West Virginia University)
  • Courtney Harrison (Michigan State University)
  • Megan Shavalier (Michigan State University)
  • Taylor Heckman (UC-Davis)


  •  Amy Teffer (University of Victoria)
  • Daniel Hernandez (University of Washington)
  • Elizabeth Scherbataskoy (University of Florida)
  • Emily Munday (Washington State University)
  • Ethan Woodyard (Mississippi State University)
  • Katrina Cook (University of British Columbia)
  • Preeyanan Sriwanayos (University of Florida)


  •  Graham Rosser (Mississippi State University)
  • Carolyn Chang (SUNY ESF)
  • Denver Coleman (UC-Davis)
  • Cynthia Adams (George Mason University)
  • Megan Tomamichel (University of Minnesota)


  •  Bartolomeo Gorgoglione (University of Stirling, Scotland)


  • Nick Phelps (University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff)
  • Esteban Soto (Mississippi State University)
  • Luke Iwanowicz (University of Massachusettsat Amherst)
  • Jayde Ferguson (Oregon State University)


  • Benjamin LaFrentz (University of Idaho)
  • Isabelle Cote (University of Arizona)
  • Ron Miller (University of Maryland)


  • Deborah Cartwright (University of Georgia)
  • Tanuja Upadhyaya (Jawaharla Nehru University)


  • John Drennan (University of Idaho)
  • Leslie Grabowski (University of Idaho)
  • Shasta McClenahan (Auburn University)


  • Luke Iwanowicz (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)


  • Benjamin LaFrentz (University of Idaho)
  • Pareeya Udomkusonsri (North Carolina State University)


  • Theodore Henry (Auburn University)
  • Darin Jones (University of Idaho)


  • Eileen N. Ryce (Montana State University)


  • Rachel F. Ramirez (California State University, Hayward)