Certified Fish Pathologist

Current list of AFS certified Fish Pathologists

The AFS/FHS certified Fish Pathologist is a professional who specializes in the causes, nature, and control of the diseases of non-mammalian aquatic animals, (hereinafter referred to as “fish.”). Through a regimen of academic education, specialized training, and experience, the individual has developed a thorough understanding of the fish, its environment, infectious and non-infectious diseases, and the interrelationships involved.

The Fish Pathologist is an individual in the fish health field who utilizes various disciplines including fisheries biology, water quality, microbiology, parasitology, toxicology, pharmacology, and histopathology to provide an accurate evaluation and diagnosis of fish health problems. When necessary, the Fish Pathologist is capable of seeking appropriate specialized assistance in determining the etiology of a health problem. If a definitive diagnosis is not possible, the Fish Pathologist must have the ability to utilize all available information to establish the most logical cause of the problem.

The Fish Pathologist is competent to conduct fish health inspections, process samples, perform or supervise laboratory work, and interpret in-house results, as well as those from specialized reference laboratories. The Fish Pathologist is also capable of providing responsible recommendations and/or prescriptions (licensed veterinarians only) for control measures for fish diseases within legal constraints.

Technical skills, experience, and high ethical standards enable the Fish Pathologist to serve fisheries programs and aquaculture through the evaluation and diagnosis of fish health problems, through responsible recommendations for disease control, and through the administration of programs designed to enhance the health of cultured and free-ranging fishes.

The following links provide the information and documents needed to become certified or re-certified as a Fish Pathologist:

**Please highlight all pertinent coursework on copies of academic transcripts submitted with your application package**

For additional information, please contact Joe Marcino by email or at the following address:

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